Preparing for a No Deal Brexit
26 October 2019: Guidance for the Steel Sector The final outcome remains uncertain, and leaving the EU without a deal remains possible. HM Government is keen to ensure that UK business are prepared for this outcome. The current guidance therefore focuses exclusively on advising members on how to adjust to a No Deal Brexit. 
The Energy Price Gap
8 October 2019: A New Power Deal for UK Steel The UK’s energy intensive industries face some of the highest industrial electricity prices in Europe. This damages the steel sector’s competitiveness.
UK Steel Key Statistics Guide 2019
31 July 2019: UK Steel has published a Key Statistics Guide for 2021 including £billions of economic contribution to the UK. 
New UK Steel Manual for Works Oxygen Systems 
6 June 2019: UK Steel publishes the final part of a trilogy of guidance documents with the Operation and Maintenance of Works Oxygen Systems. 
Guide to Rules of Origin
8 April 2019: The guidance aims to equip members with the information to have more detailed discussion with customers and, hopefully, assuage some concerns about the risks of continuing to use UK steel.
Implications of a No Deal Brexit for UK Steel Companies
4 February 2019: In August 2018 UK Steel set out in a policy note the severe implications for steel companies if the UK were to leave the EU without a deal. Since then the Government has negotiated its Withdrawal Agreement, which has in turn been rejected by Parliament. In the light of this rejection, the government has at the time of writing explicitly refused to rule out a “no deal” Brexit.