Welcome to UK Steel

A strategic sector
The UK steel industry is a strategic sector underpinning the UK’s economy and supply chains, at the heart of Net Zero objectives and a circular economy, and central to our defence capability and wider national resilience.
About Us
UK Steel is the trade association for the UK steel industry and proudly champions the country’s steel manufacturers.

We represent the sector’s interests to government and promote our innovative, vibrant and dynamic industry to the public.

Together, we build the future of the UK steel industry.
Why we need steel in the UK
  • To advance towards a net zero future with sustainable practices.
  • For sustainable, high-quality infrastructure development.
  • To provide national security for our steel resources.
  • For the creation of a resilient domestic supply chain that caters to demand.
  • To foster important skills in the UK workforce with training in all areas of steel manufacturing, engineering, and metallurgy.
  • Broadway House, Tothill St, London SW1H 9NQ