Future of UK Steel - Five Steel Sector Priorities for a New Government

28 September 2022

Following the establishment of the new government and appointment of key positions, UK Steel sets at in this document it five key policy priorities to deliver a sustainable future of the UK steel sector and the fundamental reasons why domestic steel production is so important to the UK.

Five Steel Sector Priorities

  1. Competitive electricity prices
  2. A UK Net-Zero steel strategy
  3. A level trading field
  4. UK Steel for UK infrastructure
  5. Innovation in steel

Why UK Steel Production Matter

  • UK Steel production strengthens the UK’s resilience
  • Steel jobs are integral to levelling up the UK
  • A growing steel market opportunity
  • Steel is essential to meeting the environmental challenges of the future
  • Domestic steel production boosts our infrastructure potential

To accompany this publication UK Steel commissioned polling to assess the public’s view of the steel sector and its opinions on its priorities. It is clear the UK public strongly supports our steel sector.

  1. 78% of UK public consider steel to be a strategically important good that should be produced here in the UK
  2. 70% of the UK public think that the government should intervene to provide competitively priced electricity to the UK steel industry
  3. 64% of the UK thinks that maintaining domestic steel production should be an explicit trade policy priority for the UK, including the introduction of tariffs to shield against dumping of products subsidised by governments elsewhere
  4. 68% of the UK public thinks that public infrastructure projects should prioritise the use of UK made steel wherever possible