UK Steel comments on Liberty Steel's restructuring announcement

12 January 2023

Commenting on restructuring plans at Liberty Steel UK, Director General of UK Steel, Gareth Stace, said:

“Today’s restructuring announcement from Liberty Steel highlights the significant challenges UK steel companies face navigating the current harsh market conditions. There will naturally be concern regarding the 440 jobs potentially impacted, but this is unfortunately an ongoing risk that accompanies a persistently uncompetitive business environment here in the UK, further exacerbated by global supply chain difficulties.

“High energy prices have played an important role in the decisions announced today, with long-standing uncompetitive electricity prices having constrained UK investment and steel production for some time. This highlights again the need for government to fully address the UK’s structurally high industrial energy prices, looking beyond the important announcements made regarding the Energy Bills Discount Scheme earlier this week. It is crucial we also now see the development of a long-term decarbonisation plan for the sector, ultimately ensuring that the UK can be seen as an attractive place to invest in steel production.”